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We are Wisconsin Swish, an AAU Basketball organization from southeastern Wisconsin.

Swish Rules

~ We play an incredibly fun sport to have fun.
~ We play an incredible team sport as a team.
~ We believe that maximum enjoyment is the
    result of playing our hardest at all times.
~ We believe in developing a strong mind
    and body in all of our players.
~ We never squander an opportunity to
    get better.
~ We play to win and are humble in victory
    and gracious in defeat.
         We are the WISCONSIN SWISH!

#34 Jordan Smith - 6'1"

Sussex Hamilton HS

#24 Brady Hanson - 6'6"

Kewaskum HS

#23 Joey Zietlow - 6'3"

Oak Creek HS

#20 Drew Yetka - 6'6"

Oak Creek HS

#14 Alex Setzer - 6'10"

Brookfield Academy

#2 Ben Nolde - 6'1"

Sussex Hamilton HS

#10 Will Barbera - 6'2"

Marquette HS

#1 Jason Klatt - 5"10"

Thomas More HS

#3 Ryan Haertel - 5"11"

West Allis Hale HS

#4 Justin Gruber - 5'10"

Menomonee Falls HS

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Thanks to all the coaches, players, parents and supporters of the Wisconsin Swish!

We put 10 exciting and talented teams on the floor, won lots of games, competed at the highest levels and learned valuable life skills and lessons. The character of our players and dedication of our coaches has never been higher. I am grateful for all of the effort made in building our program.

          -Lewis Barbera, WI Swish Founder

2018 Tryout Date


Saturday, October 21
St. Dominic Catholic Parish Gym
18255 W. Capitol Drive
Brookfield, Wisconsin
U12   Noon-1:00 pm  Court 1
U13   Noon-1:00 pm  Court 2
U14   1:15-2:15 pm  Court 1
U16   1:15-2:15 pm  Court 2
Cost is $5 cash.
Sign up online or at the door.
Liability waiver required at the door.

U11 (Current 5th Graders)

2018 Player Tryout Session


Saturday, February 17
5-6:30 pm
Brookfield Christian School
14155 W. Burleigh Rd.
Brookfield, Wisconsin
Download Flyer Here
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